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HR West Magazine
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HR West Magazine

HR West Magazine is our flagship publication focusing on what matters most to HR. Sent to our association members, HR West covers best practice trends and presents new ideas and concepts to keep readers up-to-date with the latest in our industry.


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Print copies are mailed to NCHRA opt-in members five times each year and also stored online for easy reference.

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  • Breakthrough to Conflict Resolution: 10 Best Practices to Get You Through - by Allison Tabor
  • Nurturing a Culture of Workplace Civility - by Dan Potterton
  • Conflict Resolution: A Positive Tool for HR - by Bruce Calvin
  • Divert Disaster, Delete That Email and Dialogue - by Lorie Reichel-Howe
  • Where Disability & Discipline Collide - by Rachel Shaw
  • Owning Your Challenges and Conflicts - by Nicole Smartt
  • Your HR Confessions! - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

AUGUST 2017 - INNOVATE: hr techXpo preview 


  • Charlene Li on Technology and Employee Experience
  • Why & How HR Leaders Should Think Like a Futurist - by Jacob Morgan
  • Leveraging HR Tech Solutions to Be a Change Agent - by Amy Dufrane, CEO, HRCI
  • What's Needed for Innovation - by Darren Shinkus
  • Member Spotlight: Rehab Nada
  • CEO's Corner: John Younger, CEO & Mojo Master, HireMojo 


JUNE 2017 - the next generation of hr pros: transitions & aging



  • Member Profile: Q&A with Lauren Gagliardi, HR Project Specialist, Symantec
  • Converting Aging Workforce Costs into a Competitive Advantage - by Colt Stander
  • Rethink Your Future Workforce - Bringing Women Back to Work - by Sonu Ratra
  • Financial Awareness in the Next Generation of HR Pros - by Dave Kingston
  • Top Features of a 21st Century HR Organization with HRCI CEO Amy Dufrane
  • CEO's Corner: Kevin Cleary, CEO of Clif Bar
  • It's in the Family: HR Through the Generations - by Jenna Watson



  • Member Profile: Q&A with Shu Yeung, Founder of GetHRSmart LLC
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder – The Future of the Agile Workforce - by Bianca McCann
  • Why We Struggle To Set Aside Time For Personal Growth Work - by Poornima Vijayashanker
  • 7 Tips to Get Your Best ROI on Attending HR West - by Jenna Watson
  • The Respectful Leader: Seven Ways to Influence Without Intimidation - by Gregg Ward
  • Why It’s Risky to Call Yourself a “Generalist” and What to Do Instead - by Susan Bernstein



  • Member Profile: Q&A with Patrick Streight,PHR, SHRM-CP, Director of HR, Coyote Valley Casino
  • HR TechXpo Recap - by Jenna Watson
  • Millenialized Corporate Wellness - by Navid Rastegar, CEO & Founder of FitBliss, HR TechXpo Exhibitor
  • Experiences as Rewards: An Innovative Regonition Strategy - by Taylor Smith, Co-founder & CEO of Blueboard, HR TechXpo Exhibitor
  • Sneak Peek at HR West 2017
  • 9 Best Practices for Creating Powerful Mentoring Programs - by Ann Tardy, LifeMoxie Mentoring and HR West 2017 Emcee
  • Is an Innovatice Workplace More Important than Pay? - by Waggl, HR West Session Presenter & HR TechXpo Exhibitor 
  • The Innovation Ecosystem for the Future of Work - by Jacob Morgan, futurist & author, HR West 2017 Keynote Speaker



  • Member Profile: Q&A with Bini Matthew, Senior HR Business Partner, EAG, Inc.
  • PR for HR: Emanating Your Brand to Attract Millenials - by Jenna Watson
  • The Spectacular Growth of RPOs - by Mike Muzi
  • 5 Big Reasons Not to Hire for Culture Fit - by Lisa Calhoun
  • Welcome New Members!



  • Member Profile: Q&A with Andrew Lopez, HR Generalist/Compensation Analyst Native American Health Center, Inc. 
  • Succession Planning Best Practices - by Dan McCarthy
  • Grow Your Own or Buy Talent? - by Linda Kegerreis
  • Playing Games with Succession Planning - by Dr. Ian Stewart
  • Redefining Leaders for the Human Age - by Michael Bleadom, Ph.D.
  • A Practical Guide to CEO Succession Planning - by Russell Reynolds Associates

June 2016 - Religion & Politics in the Workplace


  • Member Profile: Q&A with Marya Davis, HR Director, CBEM, LLC
  • EEOC Spotlight on Anti-Muslim Discrimination - by Jon Benson
  • The Right to Free Speech? - by Jennifer Brown Shaw
  • It's Holiday Time! Or is it? - by Deborah F. Birndorf, Esq. and Laura Sorenson
  • Godless - by Sam Grover
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Talking Politics in the Office - by Lynze Wardle Lenio

February 2016 - HR West 2016 Preview


  • Member Profile: Q&A with Pamela Helman, Employment Attorney, Vigilant
  • 5 Truths for Changing Everything in a Rapidly Changing World - by Monika Fahlbusch
  • Purpose over Perfection - by Kai Kight
  • "The future (vol.1)" ITS YOUR FUTURE TOO - by Leah Hunter
  • Why the Leadership Industry has Failed - by Jeffrey Pfeffer
  • Got Skills? Closing the Gap on Opportunity and Prosperity - by Eva Sage-Gavin

December 2015 - The Year-End Issue


  • Member Profile:Art Hershey, Executive Advisor and Founding NCHRA Member
  • NCHRA Announces New Advisory Council - by Greg Morton
  • California Employment Law Wrap-up - by Juan Araneda & Jason Geller
  • HR Technology for 2016 - 10 Disruptions on the Horizon - by Josh Bersin
  • 3 Powerful Insights from Forbes Women's Summit - by Ashley Goldsmith
  • HR West Conference Speaker Preview

September 2015 - Productivity Issue


  • Member Profile: Shelley Salinero, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director of Human Resources Operations,  Heller Ehrman, LLP
  • How to Stay Focused in a World of Distractions - by Charles Araujo
  • 19 Apps to Install for Maximum Productivity - by Craig Jarrow
  • The Brain Cannot Multitask - by Dr. John Medina
  • Why Work Balance is the Wrong Idea - by Brian Mohr
  • The Agile Workforce: Fast, Flexible & Innovative - by David Somers
  • 10 Habits You Need to Break to Be More Productive - by Time Management Ninja


July 2015 - Wellness At Work Issue


  • Member Profile: Chris Gill, CCP, GRP, SPHR, Director of Human Resources at Amphenol DC Electronics
  • Wearable Wellness - by Brad Cooper
  • It's Not Just About Harassment Anymore - by Jennifer Hancock
  • Three Reasons Employees Don't Use Their Benefits - by Steve Wendel 

May 2015 - Talent Strategy Issue


  • Member Profile: Senta Carter, SPHR, Director of Talent Management at Telecare Corporation
  • Show Me the Money! Is It Really All About Pay? - by Nicole Smartt
  • 10 Strategies for Transforming the "War" for Talent into a Mutual Journey of Success - by Sunil Bagai
  • Innovations for Attracting Modern Talent - by Jeanne MacDonald

March 2015 - Workplace Strategy Issue


  • Building Workplace Strategy into HR Planning - by Reza Ahmadi, Ph.D.
  • Happy Environment. Happy Employees. Planning the Optimal Workplace - by Terrapin Bright Green
  • Driving Accountability with a Leadership Contract - by Vince Molinaro
  • Scenario Planning and Strategic Forecasting - by Jay Ogilvy

January 2015 - Yearbook Issue


  • The Year in Pictures
  • Thank You Volunteers
  • Employment Law Wrap-Up - by Carolyn Rashby and Jocelyn Chan
  • 5 Priorities HR Can't Ignore in 2015 - by CEB HR

November 2014 - Conference Preview Issue


  • Member Profile: Jyoti Singh, SPHR-CA, CCP
  • 7 Essential Behaviors - by Alan Fine
  • Archer's Paradox - by Sarah Lewis
  • Taking the "D" out of PTSD - by Dr. Richard Pimentel, and Dr. Heidi Kraft
  • Turn That Soul-Crushing Conference Into a Win - Sue Shellenbarger

September 2014 - Skills Gap: Reality or Myth? 


  • Member Profile: Julio Fernandez, Director of Human Resources, W San Francisco
  • The Quest for Workforce Capability - by Josh Bersin, Jen Stempel and Bernard van der Vyer
  • Tackling the Skills Gap - by Jennifer Ortega
  • 5 Training Techniques for Addressing the Skills Gap - by Melissa Asher, SPHR
  • Jobs and Skills and Zombies: The Myth of the Skills Gap - by Paul Krugman

July 2014 - The New Realities of Flexibility


  • Member Profile: Prem K. Bajaj, SPHR-CA, Principal Analyst , BART

  • HR West 2014...That's a Wrap!!
  • Caring for Aging Parents: FMLA/CFRA Concerns - by Jennifer Cotner
  • Flexibility: A Key Driver for Engagement - by David W. Miller
  • The Age Premium: Retaining Older Workers - by Steven Greenhouse

May 2014 - The HR Leader


  • Member Profile: Lisa Frydenlund, PHR-CA, Manager, Human Resources John Muir Medical Group
  • 5 Leadership Techniques to Revamp Right Now - by Cy Wakeman
  • Six Principles for Becoming a Disruptive Leader - by Jay Elliot
  • Compassion at Work: Before It's Too Late, Integrate! - by Daniel Martin, Ph.D.
  • Visual Leadership: I See What You Mean - by Eris Weaver

    March 2014 - The Conference Preview Issue


  • Member Profile: Bob Bailey, Director, HR & Administration Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr.
  • Why Employers Aren't Filling Jobs - by Peter Cappelli
  • 7 Tools for Sparking Creative Conversations - by Tamara Kleinberg
  • Being Real at Work - by Joe Gerstandt
  • The Buffet Cannot Hire You - by Shari Harley

    January 2014 - The Legal Issue


  • Member Profile: Christine M. Pallatto, Director of HR, Global Fund for Women & 2014 NCHRA Board President
  • 5 Sticky Background Check Situations - by Lester Rosen
  • Independent Contractors: 10 Best Practices to Mitigate Risk - by Maria Goyer
  • Immigration in 2014 - by Sameer Khedekar and Addie Hogan
  • Six Labor & Employment Cases Slated for Supreme Court Decision in 2014 - by Gwen Morales, Sally Scott, Lindsey Marcus
  • Emplyee Leaves in California: Your To-Do Checklist - by James J. McDonald, Jr.

  • November 2013 - Beyond Business Acumen


  • Member Profile: Pablo Zavala, Director of Human Resources, Sol Food Restaurants
  • The Five Business Drivers of Success - by Kevin Cope
  • 10 Things HR Should Know About Marketing - by Kevin Grossman
  • Seven Strategies for Building Better Business Acumen - by Dr. E. Ted Prince
  • Drafting the Well-Crafted Business Case - sidebar by Rod Hanna, Principal, Merit Resource Group
  • Alliance Management: A Strategic Discipline - by Jack Pearson

  • September 2013 - From Y to Why: Understanding Generation Flux


  • Member Profile: Michele Alanis, HR Manager, Jan Marini Skin Research
  • From Y to Why - by Mario Vasilescu
  • Hiring & Selection in the Age of Gen Flux - by Jack F. Smalley, SPHR
  • 5 Ways to Manage Talent in Times of Rapid Change - by Colleen Murray and Ailene Lee-Sutton

  • July 2013 - HR & Technology


  • Member Profile: Don Aguilar, SPHR, VPHR, Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Applying Key Techonolgy Trends to Human Resources - by Michael Rudnick
  • The Science of Choosing - by Jeremy Yonan
  • The Benefits of Adoptiong Social Functionality to Transform Business Processes - by Lexy Martin and Kim Lowery
  • Integrating Talent Management Into Your HR Technology Strategy - by Mike Leflar
  • 10 Questions to Ask an HCM Cloud Provider - by Ultimate Software

  • May 2013 - Learning & Innovation: The HR Link


  • Member Profile: Carrie Alden, SPHR-CA, HR Director, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  • HR's Role in Championing Innovation - by Laszlo Gyorffy
  • Technology and Learning 2013: Three Rules to Live By - by Paul Ignasinski
  • HR West 2013 Conference Program
  • Creativity and Innovation-The Myth of the Lightning Bolt - by Daniel Guillory
  • Game On! -- The Benefit of Playing Games at Work - by Kurt Steele

  • March 2013 - Conference Preview Issue


  • Member Profile: Aaron Kennedy, CFS, President & CEO, Stark Miller Financial
  • Passion Capital - by Keynote Speaker, Paul Alofs
  • The Case for Candor - by Keynote Shari Harley
  • Becoming an Exceptional Leader - by Keynote Kimberly Alyn, SPHR

  • January 2013 - Leadership Leverage: Connecting the Dots


  • Member Profile: May Speck, SPHR, Sr. VP of HR, WageWorks, Inc.
  • Hunting the High-Impact Leader - by Gautam Mukunda
  • Self-Awareness: Attribute of a Great Leader - by Hal Adler
  • The Leadership Role Only HR Can Play - by Rogene Baxter and Chris Bennett